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Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Administration Best Practices


How to cycle (reset, clear) the error log?

How to use OPENROWSET to query an Access mdb database?

How to use xp_servicecontrol for managig SQL Server Agent?

How to backup and restore Reporting Services installation?

How to use xp_cmdshell with imbedded spaces?

How to apply EXCEPT in finding the delta set for SSIS synch?

How to list all constraints by table?

How to move the tempdb files?

How to recover a suspect database?

How to recover from pending file operation error?

How to view the transaction log?

How to list all database objects with definition?

How to import an image into the database?

How to rename and archive a file?

How to log information to Windows Event Viewer?

How to register a database in Active Directory?

How to check server instance memory usage?

How to change database compatibility level?

How to monitor database files sizes?

How import/export data to Excel?

How to swap (flip) rows into columns using PIVOT?

How to put the SSIS Import/Export Wizard on Your Desktop?

How to find all stored procedures with cursor?

How to export address information in XML format?

How to list all database sizes?

How to move system databases to a new location?

How to list dynamically space used by tables?

How to show all SQL Server 2005 servers on network?

How to list space usage for all tables?

How to find orphaned users?

How to resolve orphaned users?

How to delete an index?

How to reset memory to measure timing accurately?

How to execute SQL Server 2005 queries at Command Prompt?

How to transfer logins and passwords to a new server?

How to use sp_MSforeachtable undocumented system procedure?

How to send email from a script?

How to clean data with the REPLACE function?

How to populate the uniqueidentifier column?

How to datestamp a filename?

How to setup a lookup table for state codes?

How to find out where a column is being used?

How to move SQL Server databases to a new location?

How to read a text file into a table?

How to create a date specific filename?

How to create a stored procedure for shutdown?

How to list all SQL Server 2005 logins?

How to list all schemas, tables and columns?

How to update statistics on all tables?

How to delete in batches?

How to import a flat file into a table?

How to list job execution history?

How to encrypt passwords with asymmetric key?

How to test the write speed of a disk?

How to find server days up?

How to list major server properties?

How to list all unique indexes in a database?

How to list all installed Microsoft SQL servers?

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