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SQL Server 2008 Most Popular How To Topics
How to get database object definition code?
How to use the GROUP BY statement?
How to compare two tables for differences?
How to apply between two dates or datetimes for daterange?
How to convert HierarchyID to string?
How to apply SQL logical operators?
How to search all tables in database for text keyword?
How to use CASE function to form conditional expressions?
How to design table-valued parameter?
How to architect stored procedure parameters?
How to list object dependencies?
How to format and beautify T-SQL code?
How to create a comma delimited list?
How to find TOP 3 in each group?
How to generate Prime Numbers?
How to remap keys with sequential update?
How to apply numbers in T-SQL queries and table design?
How to encrypt passwords with asymmetric key?
How to architect nested cursors?
How to list all files in a directory?
How to generate a million number sequence with CROSS JOIN?
How to analyze sales by multiple dimensions?
How to get current system date time?
How to apply SQL datetime formatting functions?
How to apply CASE in ORDER BY for dynamic sort?
How to combine GROUP BY with CTE?
How to apply PIVOT and dynamic SQL for purchase summary?
How to filter by pattern?
How to use PATINDEX for complex search?
How to REBUILD all indexes in database with FILLFACTOR?
How to use the UNPIVOT operator?
How to GROUP BY Year and Month?
How to use the EXISTS keyword in conditional expressions?
How to apply SQL CREATE TABLE statement?
How to create a View?
How to apply PIVOT for many-to-many relationship?

SQL Server 2008 IT Career Powering Scripts
How to learn SQL Server & Business Intelligence from video?
How to learn SQL Server 2008 administration from video?
How to learn SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence from video?
How to learn SQL Server 2008 programming from video?
How to apply nested REPLACE for data cleansing?
How to aggregate by moving quarters?
How to find the longest common prefix of strings?
How to count all descendant nodes in a tree?
How to construct dimensional hierarchy query?
How to convert from string to datetime in T-SQL?
How to find out default language & default database settings?
How to use the YEAR, MONTH and DAY functions?
How to REPLACE substring with another string?
How to define recursive XML function?
How to use a derived table in a query?
How to apply SQL Server T-SQL data types?
How to calculate the difference between dates?
How to use the SQL isnumeric function?
How to tell the difference between empty and null strings?
How to create a database?
How to implement SQL NOW() functionality with GETDATE()?
How to calculate 12-month moving total?
How to update a table with group by sum?
How to split CSV list inline fast?
How to calculate moving averages?
How to count Sundays between two dates?
How to calculate median for a data set?
How to prepare a sales report by staff?
How to use the OUTPUT clause for audit trail?
How to find top 3 bidders in an auction?
How to import filenames in a folder into a table?
How to design crosstab report using CASE?
How to architect cursor stored procedure?
How to design an organizational chart?
How to design a stored procedure with dynamic SQL filtering?
How to apply CROSS JOIN for combinations?
How to find the top & bottom 5 rows in a table?
How to use SQL self-join?
How to apply nested cursors and XML path?
How to handle quote within quote?
How to find top 5 for each group with OVER PARTITION BY?
How to select from INFORMATION_SCHEMA views?
How to generate Quartile ranking of the sales force?
How to build a dynamic sproc for database backup?
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SQL Server 2008 Database Design Best Practices
How to list all indexes in a database?
How to create a UNIQUE constraint?
How to list columns with identity, primary key and foreign key flags?
How to list all triggers with stored procedures?
How to define an SQL database?
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SQL Server 2008 Administration Best Practices
How to list all table sizes in a database?
How to import csv file with OPENROWSET?
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