High Performance SQL Server 2005
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Learn Performance Tuning from a top industry expert. High Performance SQL Server 2005 is now available on full-motion CD-ROMs with narration. Learn the fun way! Multimedia training is far more effective than classroom training. It simulates the real-world environment providing excellent retention. You can replay the video and audio instructional units as many times as you needed.

Learn Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning and Optimization with this easy-to-follow CD-ROM collection from Silico-Magnetic Intelligence. Whether you are learning Performance Tuning for the first time or adding to your professional skills set, you will find that SMIís High Performance SQL Server 2005 Training via CD-ROMô contains thorough, outstanding, well-prepared content that is second to none.

7 CD-ROMs with Over 18 Hours of Instruction
The instructor is Kalman Toth,  video MCDBA, MCITP, Senior SQL Server Database, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Architect. By mastering one CD-ROM a day, you can become an Performance Tuning professional in just 7 days. You can also proceed at your own pace. The thorough CD-ROM course is focused on practical solutions to real-world Performance, Capacity Plannning and Optimization issues. Full-motion screen video and rich audio make the subject matter understandable, and reusable as reference material.

DBAs, database developers, business intelligence developers, software engineers, data warehouse architects, systems analysts, IT managers and project managers who design, develop, implement and manage Microsoft SQL Server 2005 based applications. Network and Database Administrator candidates, VB, Java, C++, ASP.NET and database developers who need to know more about applying sophisticated optimization techniques in business environment.

High Performance SQL Server 2005 students must have a solid working knowledge of the Windows environment. SQL Server 2005 administration and programming experience in SQL, and the knowledge of at least one computer language are helpful. This is best SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning multimedia training currently available in North America, or anywhere in the World.

Learn to master the numerous aspects of Performance Tuning & Optimization from this essential video guide. Multimedia course makes learning Performance Tuning easy through the use of extensive practical, real-world ( a table with over 7 million rows used for demonstration) exercises structured around every component within Management Studio, SQL Server Profiler and other sophisticated tools. Learn Performance Tuning from a comprehensive perspective. Start with techniques to detect performance problems and to configure SQL Server 2005 to 24/7 continuous diagnostics. Understand how performance tuning fits into the different stages of a projects life cycle. Identify the most common issues DBAs face day to day and provide solutions which actually work in enterprise environments to resolve common and specialized problems to optimization issues. Study performance problems that have been introduced by the new features of SQL Server 2005 which can enhance developer productivity but reduce performance. See live demonstration of how to detect and improve the performance of poorly performing queries. Expand your knowledge on high performance table design, index architecture and maintenance, query filtering, sorting, operators, conditionals, joins, cross apply operator, aggregate grouping functions, correlated subqueries and stored procedure optimization. Study transaction isolation levels, locking, blocking and deadlocks. Master the use of troubleshooting, tuning and monitoring tools. (See full list below).

About the Trainer
Kalman Toth, MCDBA, is an IT professional with over 16 years of database design, administration and development experience with SQL server 4.2, 6.5, 7.0, 2000 and 2005. Kalman Toth was a developer on IBM's marketing Data Warehouse project operated by Dun & Bradstreet. He has designed OLTP databases, OLAP data warehouses and Performance Tuning solutions for major finance, online dating, health, diet and fitness websites. His clients include: Citibank, Bank of Sweden, Deloitte-Touche, Swiss Bank, Reuters, Lehman Brothers, Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and IBM. He holds M.Phil degree in Physics and M.Phil. degree in Computing Science from Columbia University, where he had taught computer science.

CD-ROM Features
SMI's CD-based training is like training one-on-one with an expert -- full motion video allows you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the critical tasks. You can pause the video at any time and practice along. This is the complete training solution for passing a certification exam, excelling on an interview and performing well in the workplace. It is convenient, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits your schedule. CD-ROM is easy to use, with streamlined interface featuring one-click navigation. 100% guaranteed.

Bonus Book: Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization
Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization will teach you effective strategies for designing proper databases. It covers everything from how to gather business requirements to logical data modeling and normalization. It then shows you how to implement your design on SQL. The authors also describe how to optimize and secure access to this data, covering indexing strategies, SQL design and optimization, and strategies for increased scalability to support large numbers of concurrent users. They provide in-depth advice on optimal code distribution in SQL Server 2005 applications, in the wake of innovations to be able to use .NET code in the database itself. This essential book will ensure that projects have a well-designed database and secure, optimized data access strategies right from the start. A professional developer's guide to SQL Server 2005 describes the latest features of the program as related to physical database design, covering everything from establishing database requirements and data modeling to implementation, and discussing how to optimize and secure access to data, indexing strategies, SQL optimization and scalability procedures, and optimal code distribution.

Multimedia High Performance SQL Server 2005 on 7 full-motion screen image video and rich audio CD-ROMs $595.


High Performance SQL Server 2005 on 7 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM 1 - THE SCIENCE OF TUNING (2 hours 46 minutes)
1. Welcome to Performance Tuning & Optimization
2. High Performance Begins with Database Design
3. The All Important Indexes, Statistics & Locking
4. Tuning & Optimizing Queries and Stored Procedures
5. Enemies of Performance: Locking, Blocking and Deadlocks
6. Dynamic Management Views (DMV) & Functions (DMF)
7. Diagnosing & Fixing Common Performance Problems
8. Benchmarking and Establishing Performance Baselines
9. Data Warehouse, Data Mart, ETL & OLAP Cubes
10. Computer Management Utility & System Properties
11. SQL Server Management Studio
12. SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports
13. Business Intelligence Development Studio
14. SQL Server Profiler & SQL Server Agent
15. Performance Monitor & Configuration Tools
16. Database Engine Tuning Advisor

CD-ROM 2 -TABLE DESIGN (2 hours 49 minutes)
1. Referential Integrity: Primary & Foreign Keys
2. Surrogate Primary Key and Natural Key
3. 3NF - Third Normal Form Design
4. 3NF Conversion of AW - AdventureWorks3NF
5. OLTP versus OLAP Design: Dimensional Modeling
6. Table Layout and Naming Conventions
7. Speedy Thin Tables with Thin Columns
8. Vertical Partitioning by Usage Frequency
9. Horizontal Partitioning Strategies
10. Quasi Real-Time Flat Reporting Tables
11. Auditing, History & Staging Tables
12. Star and Snowflake Schemas
13. Dimension and Fact Tables
14. High Performance Physical Database Design
15. Database Growing and Shrinking Options
16. Database Management DMVs & DMFs

CD-ROM 3 - INDEXING (2 hours 47 minutes)
1. Clustered Indexes - Heap Table - New Features
2. Non-clustered & Partitioned Index - FILL FACTOR
3. PK, FK and Unique Constraint Indexes
4. Nonkey Columns in Indexes for Covered Queries
5. Online & Parallel Indexes for 24/7 Operations
6. XML Indexes - Primary & Secondary
7. Indexes on Views, Computed Columns & Full Text
8. Determining Index Disk Space Requirements
9. Insert, Delete & Update Effects on Indexes
10. Indexing Related DMVs and DMFs
11. Index Deterioration - Detecting Fragmentation
12. Complete Rebuild: ALTER INDEX with REBUILD Option
13. Optimize Only: ALTER INDEX with REORGANIZE Option
14. Index Statistics - UPDATE STATISTICS
15. Single Row and Range of Rows Retrieval
16. High Performance Strategy for Choosing Indexes

CD-ROM 4 - QUERY & SPROC TUNING (2 hours 54 minutes)
1. Search Conditions: the WHERE Clause in Queries
2. Efficient Joining of Tables - Index Seek vs. Table Scan
3. Equi, Anti, Range, Self, Outer & Cross Apply Joins
4. Aggregations with GROUP BY & UNION of Sets
5. Pattern Matching, Functions, INTERSECT & EXCEPT
6. CTE - Common Table Expression & Dynamic SQL
7. Recursive CTE-s, Org Chart & Tree Processing
8. Correlated Subqueries vs. WHILE, IN vs. EXISTS
9. Query Related DMVs and DMFs
10. Index Selection, Key Distribution Statistics
11. Nested Loop Joins, Merge Join & Hash Join
12. GUI & Textual Query Plans in Management Studio
13. Join Hints, Query Hints and Table Hints
14. Stored Procedure Optimization & Procedure Cache
15. Temporary Tables, Table Variables & Recompilation
16. High Performance with Set-Based Programming

CD-ROM 5 - TRANSACTIONS & LOCKING (2 hours 56 minutes)
1. SQL Server 2005 Locking Protocol
2. Shared, Update, Exclusive, & Intent Locks
3. Row-level, Page-level & Table-level Locks
4. Locking and Blocking Simulation
5. Deadlock Simulation & Detection by SQL Profiler
6. Transaction Isolation Levels - Snapshot Isolation
7. sp_who, sp_lock and Activity Monitor
8. Blocking Detection with sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks
9. SQL Profiler Transactions & Locks Tracing
10. Blocking Transactions Server Standard Report
11. Performance Dashboard Report with Head Blocker
12. Detecting Deadlocks with Trace Flags 1204 & 1222
13. Transactions and Locking Related DMVs & DMFs
14. Locking Hints & Changing Isolation Levels
15. Application Resource Locks - sp_getapplock
16. Bottleneck and Workload Analysis

CD-ROM 6 - ADVANCED OPTIMIZATION (2 hours 40 minutes)
1. Designing Partitioned Tables and Indexes
2. Using Memory Efficiently for Performance
3. Analyze Query in Database Tuning Advisor
4. Database Engine Tuning Advisor for Indexes
5. Database Engine Tuning Advisor for Partitioning
6. Memory Consumption Report & DBCC memorystatus
7. Parallel Processing & Workflow Management
8. Optimizing Queries by Using Plan Guides
9. Plan Forcing & the sys.dm_exec_cached_plans DMV
10. Optimizing by Correlated datetime Columns
11. Snapshot Isolation, Plan Caching & Recompilation
12. Top 10 High Performance T-SQL Development Tips
13. Top 10 High Performance Administration Tips
14. Top 10 DW and BI Performance Issues
15. High Performance Tips for SSIS Packages
16.12 Step Performance Tuning Bootcamp

CD-ROM 7 - MONITORING PERFORMANCE (3 hours 3 minutes)
1. Troubleshooting Query Performance
2. Server-Side Tracing and Recording
3. Troubleshooting & Analysis with Traces
4. Performance Dashboard Reports
5. Correlating Profiler Trace & Perfmon Chart
6. System Monitor Performance Logs & Alerts
7. Trace Storage in SQL Server Profiler
8. Trace Event Selection in SQL Server Profiler
9. Filtering Configuration in SQL Server Profiler
10. Peakload & Bottleneck Analysis of Trace Data
11. Adhoc Monitoring with DMVs and DMFs
12. Recording Performance Data from DMVs and DMFs
13. High Performance CPU & Memory Configuration
14. High Performance Disk Configuration
15. Proper Capacity Planning Techniques
16. TOP 10 Performance Tuning Success Secrets

Bonus CD
CD 1 T-SQL Scripts
CD 2 T-SQL Scripts
CD 3 T-SQL Scripts
CD 4 T-SQL Scripts
CD 5 T-SQL Scripts
CD 6 T-SQL Scripts
CD 7 T-SQL Scripts

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