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"We needed comprehensive, uniform SQL Server 2005 training for all of our DBAs and developers working at different departments. After some research we have found that only SQLUSA 21 CD training meets our requirements. We have purchased a 10-users license and are quite pleased with the results."
Chris Wood

"Just like in the case of the SQL Server 2000 training product, we have found SQLUSA's SQL Server 2005 training is the best CD-ROM training suite on the market. We can recommend it to any IT department interested in upgrading to SQL Server 2005."
Jim Van Deventer

"I am a happy customer of your SQL Server 2000 training CD package. I have learned a lot from these CD-ROMs and Mr. Kalman Toth has done an excellent job in identifying and explaining the critical details. I want to sharpen my database knowledge with SQL Server 2005 training. I placed an order for the cds today."
Randy Alexander

"I am glad I purchased the SQL server training from SQLUSA. The cd instructor is top-notch. The subject matter and the presentation are really good. The database job market is very competitive. I like to be ahead of the pack. The SQLUSA training set shortened the learning curve for the amazing SQL Server 2005."
Ted Ryan

"By the way the SQL Server 2005 training cds are very useful. "
Neel Mehta

"Absolutely fascinating SQL Server 2005 training course on the wonderful SQL Server 2005. So many new features to learn! So many improvements over SQL Server 2000. Thanks to SQLUSA, I am prepared for the big moment when Microsoft releases the new version."
Lorraine Dalmeyer

"Microsoft reinvented SQL. A SELECT is still a SELECT, but now it is also the center of development and administration circle. The IT world is becoming SQL-centric. Kalman Toth is an awesome SQL guru. Despite my 4 years of SQL developer experience, I learned many things from him."
Dan Whittington

"Dear SQLUSA, Your 21 Multimedia CDROMs is the best IT investment I have done in the past 5 years. The CDs are easy to follow. It enables me to learn SQL Server 2005 at my own pace. I have mastered about 85% of the CDs so far, would be completing SQL Server 2005 Administrator's Pocket Consultant in the next two weeks and have listened to many MSDN & Technet Webcasts. My question is: Do I have what it takes to work in a 24/7 Web/Production environment?"
Ofonime Essien

"I highly recommend SQLUSA's practical multimedia training to any IT organization wishing to benefit from the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2005."
Lane Miller

"I would sincerely like to thank the CD-ROM multimedia teacher Kalman for giving me an experience and SQL Server 2005 knowledge level I never thought could be accomplished in the time frame of 21 days. I have taken a giant step in my life that couldn't be done without the know-how and experience of a seasoned SQL Server expert."
Brian Goldman

" I have just received the SQL Server 2005 Administration 21 cds and wanted you to know how pleased I am with the video lessons. The training will help me to advance my career. My goal is to become an excellent network manager. "
Frank Murray

"The SQL 2005 21 cd course is much better designed and useful than any other IT course I have attended in the last 5 years. Another nice thing about it that you can replay the cd-s again and again until you really absorb the knowledge."
Felicia Beckford

"The SQL 2005 training videos arrived yesterday, and when I got home from my daily commute, I was surprised. I have gotten through most of the sample databases video CD-ROM, and am very satisfied with your efforts. I'm looking forward to completing the 21 cd-rom series over the next few weekends. Thank you again for being the best resource I've ever found for SQL Server 2005. I can't explain to you the experience that I've had since discovering your website, and what a great relief it is to know that you exist and have done such a fantastic job of presenting this complex information for the rest of us."
Jeff Watson

"Till today (Jan. 2007) one of the best training CDS for learning Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration and Programming."
Ahmad Lubnani

"The video portion of the training lets you view the computer screen user interfaces used to administer, design, and program SQL Server as though you were looking over the instructor's shoulder. All you have to do is follow the mouse and the cursor as the instructor talks you through the short and practical lessons."
MSDN Magazine

"I wanted to thank you for producing your wonderful SQL Server 2005 videos. With the assistance of your multimedia training cd-s, I managed to master practical SQL 2005 administration and programming in just 21 days during my vacation."
Ray Burbank

"It took me almost two months to work my way through over 40 hours of video. It was the most I ever learned in my life in comparable time period. I feel much richer in relational database knowledge, and very happy to have a new skill set. Well done SQLUSA."
Diane O'Connel

"I have found the video-audio cd instruction set very useful in preparing me for my new career as a SQL Server 2005 DBA. Not only an interesting way to learn a complex subject, but the most effective method since you can replay the videos as many times as you need to."
Joe Skipper

"I am doing a real estate website for a realtor client. Thanks to your wonderful SQL Server 2005 training I am able to undertake such complex projects."
Richard Gilmore

"I wanted to tell you that I got a job as an SQL Server 2005 DBA/developer! Confident due to the result of your excellent multimedia training, I landed three interviews. The second interview brought forth a generous full-time job offer a couple of days later. Hence I had to cancel the third interview. I would again like to express my gratitude for the incredible life-changing training experience."
Allister Belinsky

"Thanks for the Ten Step Performance Tuning Bootcamp. It is extremely valuable advice for SQL Server performance tuning. I administer over 40 servers. Currently I am fixing some of our servers for better performance following the guide."
Hamed Khursand

"SQL Server 2005 Administration on 21 CD-ROMs is the leading multimedia product in SQL 2005 training. We have decided to make it available to all of our DBA-s by acquiring a 5-user license. As an IT Director I am cognizant that there is a lot to learn about the new release."
John Donovan

"There is an inconceivable amount of new learning with SQL Server 2005. It is not only a new release, but also a major revamp in several areas of the server operation and application. SQLUSA training cds do a first-class job in presenting the old and the new features of SQL2K5."
Bryan Williams

"SQLUSA is justifiably called the best SQL training company. The instructor is a real expert. The video material is well organized, builds from the ground up to achieve exceptionally good memory retention. The examples are extremely practical in nature, no waste here for unneeded theoretical explanations. This is just what you need to pass an interview and perform as an SQL Server 2005 professional."
David Castro

"These 21 CDs are the best investment I have ever made. I attended a local computer training school to get started with SQL Server 2005, and after paying $2,500 for hands-on training, I found it impossible to remember most of things we had covered. Your CDs include more information, in an easier-to-understand presentation, than the many weeks of school I attended. Your course is also more hands-on and practical. It also gives me an instant reference for all the things I am trying to learn, whenever I need it, right in my apartment. It's like having an expert private tutor built into my computer."
Nancy Buckley

"The 21-CD SQL Server 2005 administration curriculum is very well designed. It requires an aggressive learner though to master it in 21 days as claimed by the publisher. Took me three times as long. The instructor did an excellent job of planning and teaching the intensive, practical, knowledge-packed CD sessions."
Ken Wood

"I got my dream DBA job! My new company is already on SQL Server 2005 platform. They liked me because of my extensive SQL Server 2005 knowledge, which I mostly gained from the 21 CD. I studied the CD-s and the books for 3 months full time since I was on unemployment. It paid off big time. I can't wait to prove myself on the new job and further my professional IT career. The training CD-s were very good investment for me."
Jack King

"I am an experienced database developer. I purchased the training package to get myself on the fast track with SSIS and new T-SQL features. The videos contain many practical examples and are easy to follow on my copy of SQL Server 2005, providing an ideal hands-on learning environment for the feature-rich SQL 2005."
Anders Parker

"At the CTOís suggestion, I purchased the SQL 2005 Grand Slam training package. I took all the video courses on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in the Grand Slam package. The acquired knowledge and practical skills enabled me to get into advanced, high-visibility and large projects at my company. Many thanks SQLUSA."
Jennifer Scott





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SQL Server Training: Best Career Investment
SQL Server 2005 training is now available on 21 full-motion CD-ROMs with audio narration for configuration, administration, programming, data transfer and design. Learn SQL Server 2005 the fun way! Multimedia training is far more effective than live class training. It simulates the real-world environment for excellent memory retention and success on the job as an IT professional. You can stop the video any time and practice the lesson on your SQL Server. Learn from your own computer at a pace that suits you. You can replay the video and audio instructional units as many times as you need to. Save big over expensive, slow classroom training with inexperienced instructors. Learn the new features of SQL Server 2005 from The World Leader in SQL Server Training.

The Best SQL Server 2005 Training
Administration, Design, and Programming are all included in this easy-to-learn video/audio CD-ROM collection from Silico-Magnetic Intelligence. Whether you are learning SQL Server 2005 Administration for the first time or adding to your professional skills set, you will find that SMIís Practical Training via full-motion CD-ROMô contains thorough, outstanding, well-prepared content that is second to none. Like training one-on-one with an experienced database professional, each unit is presented in full-motion screen image video allowing you to see the steps and hear the explanations.

Instructions by a Top SQL Expert
The instructor is Kalman Toth,  video MCDBA, Senior SQL Server 2000/2005 Architect. By mastering one CD-ROM a day, you can become a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 administrator in 21 days. Naturally, you can also proceed at your own pace, be it ten days or ten weeks. The comprehensive CD-ROM course is focused on practical solutions to real-world database, client and server administration and programming problems. Full-motion screen video and rich audio make the subject matter understandable, and reusable as reference material in the future.

Audience for SQL Server 2005 Training
Database administrators (DBA-s) and system administrators, who implement and manage Microsoft SQL Server 2005 RDBMS; MCITP, MCTS and MCSE candidates; VB, Web, .NET, Java, C++ and database developers; systems analysts and software engineers who need to know more about the administration and programming of SQL Server 2005 as well as logical data modelling and database design.

Prerequisites for Multimedia SQL Server 2005 Training
SQL Server 2005 learners must have a solid working knowledge of the Windows environment. Any database or programming experience is a huge plus. This is the most extensive, practical and the best Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration multimedia training currently available in North America, or anywhere in the World.

Objective: Excellence in Database Professions
The CD-ROM based course will allow learners to identify and configure all major aspects of a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 RDBMS. It shows and tells applying live screen image video and audio, how to install and configure an SQL Server 2005, create and manage databases and database devices both in Management Studio and with scripts in Query Editor, backup and restore SQL Server 2005 databases, design, create and manage database objects, program in transact-SQL, import and export data, implement automated tasks and optimize the performance of SQL Server 2005. There is strong emphasis on practical applications and real life examples. (See full list below)

About the Industry Expert Trainer
Kalman Toth, MCDBA, is a designer of over 60 databases worldwide with 15 years of database administration and development experience on SQL server 4.2, 6.5, 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and Sybase. His clients include: Citibank, Bank of Sweden, Deloitte-Touche, Swiss Bank, Lehman Brothers, Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, IBM and major consumer website companies. He holds an M.Phil. degree in Computing Science and Physics from Columbia University, where he taught computer science.

CD 22: Bonus
The bonus CD-ROM features practical business survival scripts for SQL Server 2005 database administrators, designers and developers. It has as well a collection of important ready-to-run utilities. The bonus CD also includes a complete set of accounting database table definitions for GL, AP, AR and Inventory.

CD 23: SQL Server 2005 Express
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is the free, easy-to-use, lightweight version of SQL Server 2005. Using Microsoft Visual Studio Express or the development tool of your choice, you can start building applications right away. Best of all, as your needs grow, your applications will seamlessly work with the rest of the SQL Server product family. Easily manage SQL Server Express with the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of SQL Server Management Studio Express, a new tool designed specifically to handle basic database administration tasks.

Bonus Book: Pro SQL Server 2005
Authored by Thomas Rizzo, Director of SQL Server Group at Microsoft, Adam Machanic, Julian Skinner, Louis Davidson, Robin Dewson, Jan D. Narkiewicz, Joseph Sack & Rob Walters. Pro SQL Server 2005, 704 pages, takes a thorough look at the full range of SQL Server enhancements, and includes meaningful and relevant examples showing how these new features work and how you can build applications effectively. This book provides an extensive examination of all of the major new functionality in SQL Server 2005, covering topics that are essential for DBAs and developers alike, including: T-SQL programming, CLR integration and assembly programming, using SQL Server Integration Services for data extraction, transformation, and loading, the new native XML datatype and how to use it, security enhancements and Service Broker . SQL Server 2005 is a vast new release and each author provides practical, in-depth coverage of the core topics in their specialist areas – always illustrated with practical examples.

21 CD-ROMs Equivalent to 3 Years of Job Experience
SMI's CD-based SQL Server 2005 training is like training one-on-one with an international industry expert -- full motion screen video allows you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the critical tasks. This is the complete training solution for passing related certification exams, excelling on an interview and performing well in the workplace. It is convenient, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits your schedule. CD-ROM is easy to use, with streamlined interface featuring one-click navigation. 100% guaranteed.

One Year of Free Updates
Price includes 1 year of free updates from the time of purchase. Updated cd-s will be provided at no extra charge during this period.

Multimedia Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration training on 21 full-motion screen image video and rich audio CD-ROMs $795.


CD-ROM 1 - OVERVIEW (2 hours 41 minutes)
1. Introduction and Welcome Notes
2. Your First SQL 2005 Email Report to the CEO
3. 2005 the Sequel to 2000
4. What is New in SQL Server 2005
5. History of Relational Database Technology and SQL
6. DBA Career Opportunity
7. Women as SQL Server 2005 DBA-s
8. SQL Server 2005 for VB, Java, C++ and Web Developers
9. The Advantages of the SQL Language
10. Microsoft's New Business Intelligence Platform
11. Ten Guidelines for DBA & Developer Excellence
12. Cutting Edge Technologies in SQL Server 2005

CD-ROM 2 - MANAGEMENT TOOLS (3 hours 2 minutes)
1. Editions of SQL Server 2005
2. Installing & Configuring SQL Server 2005
3. Default and Named Server Instances
4. SQL Server 2005 Program Group
5. Configuration Manager
6. Management Studio - SSMS
7. SSIS Import and Export Wizard
8. Query Editor
9. Query Designer
10. SQL Server Profiler
11. SQLCMD Command Prompt Utility
12. Books Online - BOL
13. Database Engine Tuning Advisor
14. Business Intelligence Development Studio
15. Analysis Services - SSAS
16. Reporting Services - SSRS
17. Notification Services - SSNS
18. Real-Time Event Notifications

CD-ROM 3 - ENTERPRISE SECURITY (3 hours 2 minutes)
1. Principals, Securables and Permissions
2. Metadata Visibility by Principals
3. Setting up Logins with Management Studio
4. Setting up Logins, DB Users, Roles with Statements
5. Fixed Server Roles
6. Additional Login and Role Statements
7. DB User and Role Management by MS
8. Creating Security Accounts in the Enterprise
9. SCHEMAs and Security Hierarchy
10. CREATE CERTIFICATE, Encryption and Decryption
11. 3DES Encryption of Credit Card and Bank Data
12. User Password Encryption in Applications
13. Corporate Email Encryption
14. RSA 512-bit, 1024-bit & 2048-bit Encryptions

CD-ROM 4 - DATABASE BACKUP (3 hours 5 minutes)
1. Site Server Architecture and Deployment
2. Database Backup Encryption
3. RAID Storage Description
4. Storage Offers from Major Computer Manufacturers
5. Dell SQL Server Database Advisor Tool
6. Database Backup Using Management Studio
7. Database Backup Using Scripts
8. Advanced Details on RAID Storage
9. Advanced Backup Options Using Query Editor
10. Advanced Backup Options Using MS
11. Creating a Database Maintenance Plan
12. The bcp Utility
13. Configuring Database Mail
14. Backup Success or Failure Email Notification
15. 7 Keys to DBA Success

CD-ROM 5 - DATABASE RESTORE (3 hours 2 minutes)
1. Restoring Transaction Log Backups in Order
2. Disaster Recovery Planning
3. Backup Set Verify with RESTORE VERIFYONLY
4. Database Restore Using Management Studio
5. Restore Database Using Scripts
6. Recovery of Databases at Startup
7. Copy Database Using Restore
8. Restoring the Master Database
9. Media Sets and Families
10. Initializing and Password Protecting Media
11. Overwrite or Append to Media
12. Moving 800GB DB from Seattle to Atlanta
13. Restore Completion Database Mail Notification
14. BULK INSERT Examples
15. Openrowset, Opendatasource and Openquery

CD-ROM 6 - PERMISSIONING (2 hours 35 minutes)
1. Builtin and Implied Permissions
2. Permissions Hierarchy
4. System Administrator(sa) Permissions
5. Non-sa Server Roles Permissions
6. Fixed Database Role Permissions
7. Object Ownership Within the Database
8. Managing Permissions
9. Statement Permissioning in Management Studio
10. Object Ownership Chains
12. Permissioning Strategy
13. Server Registration Export and Import

CD-ROM 7 - DATABASE INFRASTRUCTURE (2 hours 42 minutes)
1. Create Database by Management Studio
2. Accounting Database Setup and Initialization
3. Create Database by Statement Execution
4. Checking DB Properties by MS
5. Checking DB Properties by sp_helpdb
6. Create Database with Filegroups
7. Alter Database with Management Studio
8. Alter Database with Query Editor
9. Advanced Details on Create Database
10. Remove or Rename Database
11. Creating Database Snapshots for Reporting
12. Moving Databases between Different Servers
13. Very Large Databases - VLDB
14. Database Console Commands - DBCC

CD-ROM 8 - SAMPLE DATABASES (3 hours 5 minutes)
1. Diagram of AdventureWorks Database
2. Primary Key and Foreign Key: RDBMS Basics
3. 1NF, 2NF & 3NF Normal Forms in AdventureWorks
4. AdventureWorks Sample Database Overview
5. AdventureWorks Business Scenarios
6. AdventureWorks Data Dictionary
7. Creating Database Diagrams
8. Pubs Sample Database Overview
9. Northwind Sample Database Overview
10. More on Pubs from the Query Editor
11. More on Northwind from the Query Editor
12. Advanced Review of the Pubs Database
13. Advanced Review of the Northwind Database
14. Accounting DB Review: GL, AP, AR & Inventory

CD-ROM 9 - DATABASE DESIGN (3 hours 5 minutes)
1. Logical Data Modelling
2. Data Types for Table Columns
3. Creating Tables by Statements
4. Advanced Create Table Examples
5. Create Special Tables and Copy Tables
6. Observing Table Behaviour
7. Creating Tables by Management Studio
8. Primary Key and Foreign Key Constraints
9. ALTER TABLE and Changing Tables by MS
10. Partitioned Table, Partition Function and Scheme
11. Code, Translate and Lookup Table Design
12. Normalization, NULLs and Debated Design Issues
13. Database Design and Programming Standards

CD-ROM 10 - THE SELECT STATEMENT (3 hours 7 minutes)
1. Inner Join, Self Join, Outer Join and Cross Join
2. Simple SELECT Queries
3. SELECT Examples Featuring ORDER BY
4. SELECT with Nested and Correlated Subqueries
6. SELECT with String, Date and Math Functions
7. SELECT with CHECKSUM and Statistical Functions
8. Dynamic SQL
9. SELECT with GROUP BY Clause
11. Recursive Queries
14. Crosstab Query with CTE and PIVOT
15. Multidimensional Cross Tabulation
16. Business Intelligence Dashboards

CD-ROM 11 - MODIFY DATA (3 hours 10 minutes)
1. INSERT Statement with VALUES Using QE
2. INSERT.....SELECT Statement
3. INSERT.....EXEC Statement
4. DELETE Statement Examples
5. UPDATE Statement Examples
6. UPSERT: Combination of UPDATE and INSERT
7. Modifying Data with Cursors and Subqueries
8. Logged and Nonlogged Operations
9. Common Table Expression - CTE
10. The OUTPUT Clause
11. INSERT with CTE and OUTPUT
13. Deleting Duplicate Rows with CTE
14. Updating Binary Mask and CSV List Columns

CD-ROM 12 - DATA INTEGRITY (3 hours 3 minutes)
1. Data Integrity Implementation in AdventureWorks
2. Surrogate Key Architecture
3. Data Integrity Templates
4. Stored Procedure vs. Ad-hoc SQL Script
5. Entity, Domain and Referential Database Integrity
6. Entity Integrity Definition Using Management Studio
7. Scripting Tables and Related Objects Using MS
8. Domain Integrity Constraints Using Query Editor
9. Referential Integrity Explanation and Constraints
10. User Defined Data Integrity Objects
11. Business Rules Enforcement with Triggers
12. Visio Logical Database Diagram
13. Database Design with Visio
14. Database Diagram Design and Export
15. Comparing and Synchronizing Databases

CD-ROM 13 - PROGRAMMABILITY (3 hours 4 minutes)
1. Simple Stored Procedures
2. Stored Procedures with OUTPUT Parameters
3. Stored Procedures in AdventureWorks Database
5. Triggers with DELETED and INSERTED Tables
6. INSTEAD OF Triggers and AFTER Triggers
7. DDL (Data Definition Language) Triggers
8. Views Definition and Examples
10. User Defined Function with Assembly
11. Temporary Tables, Optimization and tempdb
12. EXECUTE AS for Execution Context Definition
13. Multiple, Nested and Correlated CTE-s
14. Debugging Stored Procedures and CTE-s

CD-ROM 14 - TRANSACT-SQL (3 hours 1 minute)
1. TRANSACT-SQL, Batch, and Scripts
3. TRY, CATCH for Exception Handling
4. Locks, Isolation Levels and Deadlocks
5. Snapshot Isolation for OLTP Concurrency
7. User Defined and System Stored Procedures
8. Linked Servers and 4-part Addressing
10. DBA Script Generator Using Query Editor
11. Undocumented T-SQL Features
12. Dynamic PIVOT and Crosstab Scripts

CD-ROM 15 - SSIS IN THE ENTERPRISE (3 hours 8 minutes)
1. Overview of Integration Services
2. Enterprise-Level SSIS Application Examples
3. SSIS Import Wizard
4. Importing Data from Multiple Flat Files
5. SSIS Export Wizard
6. Building Simple SSIS Projects
7. Filtering Errors in Data: Ignore or Redirect
8. Advanced Integration Services
9. Loop Containers: For Each File Enumerator
10. SSIS Package Examples
11. Conditional Split & OnError Event Handler
12. Importing XML Data with SSIS Wizard
13. Importing XML Content with SSIS
14. Dynamic SSIS Package: Variables & Expressions
15. Scheduling SSIS Package for Execution
16. Upgrading DTS Packages to SSIS
17. Database to Database Transfer

CD-ROM 16 - SQL SERVER AGENT (2 hours 50 minutes)
1. Automating Administrative Tasks
2. SQL Agent Roles: Operator, Reader and User
3. Overview of Job Scheduling in Windows Environment
4. Properties of Jobs, Defining Jobs Using Management Studio
5. Setting up Multi Steps Jobs with Success and Failure Options
6. Creating Jobs Using Scripts
7. Database Mail Setup for Notifications
8. Configuring Operators Using MS
9. Configuring Alerts Using MS
10. Configuring Proxies Using MS
11. Trouble Shooting SQL Server Agent
12. Automating Night Processing
13. Database Maintenance Plan Jobs

CD-ROM 17 - REPLICATION (2 hours 40 minutes)
1. Log Shipping for Disaster Recovery
2. Live Demonstration of Log Shipping
3. Configuring Log Shipping from Primary to Standby
4. Failover to Standby DB in Case of Disaster
5. Snapshot, Transactional and Merge Replication Overview
6. Live Demonstration of Transactional Replication
7. Configuring Publishers, Subscribers and Distributors
8. Replication Agents and Monitors
9. Setting up Distributor Publisher Using Scripts
10. Examining the Distributor Database
11. Disable Publishing and Distribution
12. Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication
13. Database Mirroring for Failover Redundancy

CD-ROM 18 - MANAGEMENT STUDIO (2 hours 52 minutes)
1. Dynamic UI, Docking, Auto Hiding Windows
2. Query Editor
3. SSIS Object Explorer
4. Managing SSIS Packages from SSMS
5. Server and Database Dashboards
6. Summary Page Reports
7. Advanced Template Explorer and Design
8. Solution Explorer Projects to Store Scripts
9. Management Studio Top Menubar Walk Through
10. Object Explorer
11. Toolbar and Server Right Click Menu
12. SQL Server 2005 Properties
13. Databases Right Click Menu
14. Database Properties Panel
15. SQL Server Agent, Activity Monitor and Logs
16. Replication, Security, and Support Services

CD-ROM 19 - PERFORMANCE TUNING (3 hours 4 minutes)
1. Ten Step Performance Tuning Bootcamp
2. Dynamic Management Views and Functions
3. Deadlock Visualization and Avoidance
4. Correlating Perfmon Chart with Profiler Trace
5. 24/7 Monitoring of Production Databases
6. Windows Performance Monitor
7. Setting up Trace Using SQL Profiler
8. Examining the Content of a Saved Trace
9. Examining Trace Table in Query Editor
10. sp_who, sp_lock and sp_monitor Commands in QE
11. Review of the Options Available in SQL Profiler
12. Index Design and Maintenance Using DBCC
13. Index Defragmentation and Reindexing with Fill Factor
14. Index-Related Dynamic Management Views & Functions
15. Database Tuning Advisor
16. Horizontal and Vertical Partitioning

CD-ROM 20 - EXTRA TOPICS (3 hours 2 minutes)
1. Sending Email Messages with Results of Queries
2. Formatting Queries/Sprocs for HTML Email
3. Configuring SQL Reports for Email Distribution
4. SQL Server Configuration Manager
5. SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration
6. Command Prompt Utilities
7. XML Overview, FOR XML clause in SELECT
8. OPENXML Examples
9. Xquery - XML Query Language
10. Advanced Xquery Examples
11. Primary and Secondary XML Indexes
12. Example for Application Programming using CLR
13. Creating Indexed Views
14. Full-text Indexing, Full-text Search
15. Project Setup in Management Studio
16. Upgrading and Migrating to SQL Server 2005
17. Service Packs and Downloads at

CD-ROM 21 - HOW TO (3 hours 3 minutes)
1. How To Resolve Performance Bottlenecks
2. How To Use XML Bulk Load for Large Datasets
3. How To Create an Index with Included Columns
4. How To Filter Invalid Data with TRY-CATCH
5. How To Setup Event Notification for Logins
6. How To Debug Sprocs with Visual Studio 2005
7. How To Use the SQLCMD Utility
8. How To Connect as Dedicated Administrator
9. How To Maintain DB-s in 24/7 Web Environment
10. How To Monitor CPU Busy, Disk Reads and Writes
11. How To Configure an ODBC Datasource
12. How To Use Windows Event Viewer
13. How To Configure Linked and Remote Servers
14. How To Administer from Command Prompt
15. How To Export Table into XML File
16. How To Import XML File into Table

Bonus CD
1. DBA Survival Scripts
2. Developer Survival Scripts
3. Database Designer Survival Scripts
4. Sample Scripts Used in Videos
5. Ten Step Performance Tuning Bootcamp Scripts
6. Table Space Usage Stored Procedure
7. Database Compare Script
8. Directory Tree with CTE Script
9. Calendar Generator Function
10. Export Table Data as INSERTS Sproc
11. SQL Server 2005 Audit Script
12. Accounting Table Definitions Script
13. Complex CTE-s Scripts
14. Application User Password Encryption Sprocs
15. Email Encryption Sprocs

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