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SQL Server Scripts SQL 2005 SQL 2008 Articles
SQL Server 2008 New Features

Management Studio

  T-SQL Debugger
  Query Editor IntelliSense
  Server Group Management
  T-SQL Error List Window
  Multiple Servers Query
  Open Table by Select Top n Rows
  Edit Table by Edit Top n Rows
  View Audit Log by Select TOP n Audit records
  View Object Explorer Details Window
  Trace Query in SQL Server Profiler Option on Query Menu
  Community Search
  Codezone Community
  Partner Products Catalog
  Totally Redesigned Activity Monitor on Server Menu
  Policies, Facets on menus where they applicable
  Start PowerShell on most menus
  Publish Using Webservice on Database Tasks Menu
  Manage Database Encryption on Database Tasks Menu
  Cryptographic Providers on Security Node
  Audits on Security Node
  Server Audit Specifications on Security Node
  Policy Management on Management Node
  Data Collection on Management Node
  Resource Governor on Management Node
  Database Audit Specifications on DB Security Node
  Full Text Stoplists on DB Storage Node
  Plan Guides on DB Programmability Node
  Show Policy Health State for all nodes top bar icon

T-SQL Enhancements

  AdventureWorks2008 Sample OLTP Database
  AdventureWorksDW2008 Sample Data Warehouse
  DATE Data Type
  TIME and DATETIME2 Data Types
  Date/Datetime Functions
  HIERARCHYID Data Type and Hierarchy Functions
  Geometry & Geography Data Types and Spatial Functions
  TABLE Data Type
  TABLE-Valued Parameters
  MERGE Statement for Combination INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE
  Enhanced INSERT...VALUES For Multiple Rows of Data
  Local Variable Initialization in DECLARE Statement
  Compound Operators: +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, &=, ^=, |=
  Sparse Columns
  Filtered Indexes
  Enhancements to DDL Triggers
  Change Data Capture
  Enhancement to CONVERT Function
  Enhancements to CLR User-Defined Aggregates
  Enhancements to Plan Guides
  Filestream Storage
  Lock Escalation Control

Database Engine

  Optimize for Ad Hoc Workloads

SQL Server Installation Center

  Replaces Surface Area Configuration
  Planning, Installation, Maintenance, Tools
  Resources, Advanced & Options Nodes

SQL Server Configuration Manager

  SQL Server Services Replaces SQL Server 2005 Services
  Network Services Replaces 2005 Network Services


  PowerShell Scripting Language


  Policy Management
  Data Collection
  Resource Governor


  Transparent Database Encryption
  Database Backup File Encryption
  Cryptographic Providers


  Database Audits
  Server Audits

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