Practical SQL Server 2008 Programming
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Practical SQL Server 2008 Administration
Practical SQL Server 2008 Programming
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Best Possible Career Investment
SQL Server 2008 Programming training is now available on 7 full-motion video CD-ROMs with narration. Learn SQL Server 2008 programming the fun way! Multimedia training is far more effective than boring hard-to-follow textbooks. It simulates the real-world environment for excellent memory retention. Learn from your own computer at a pace that suits you. You can replay the video and audio instructional units as many times as you need to. Save big over expensive classroom training. Learn the new programming features of SQL Server 2008 from SQLUSA, The World Leader in SQL Server Training.

Master Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Design, and Programming are all included in this easy-to-learn video/audio CD-ROM collection from Silico-Magnetic Intelligence. Whether you are learning SQL Server 2008 Programming for the first time or adding to your professional skills set, you will find that SMI’s Practical Training via full-motion video CD-ROM™ contains thorough, outstanding, well-prepared content that is second to none. Like training one-on-one with an experienced database professional, each unit is presented in full-motion screen image video allowing you to see the steps and hear the explanations.

Instructions by a Top SQL Expert
The instructor is Kalman Toth, MCDBA/MCITP, Senior SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Architect. By mastering one CD-ROM a day, you can become a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 developer in 7 days. Naturally, you can also proceed at your own pace, be it 21 days or 8 weeks. The comprehensive CD-ROM course is focused on practical solutions to real-world database, client and server design and programming problems. Full-motion screen video and rich audio make the subject matter understandable, and reusable as reference material in the future.

Audience for SQL Server 2008 Programming
C#, VB, .Net, Cold Fusion, Web, Java, C++ and database developers, systems analysts, and software engineers who need to know more about database design and programming of SQL Server 2008.

Prerequisites for SQL Server 2008 Training
SQL Server 2008 learners must have a solid working knowledge of the Windows environment, and any programming experience is a huge plus. This is the most extensive, practical and the best Microsoft SQL Server Programming multimedia training currently available in North America, or anywhere in the world.

Objective: Excellence in SQL Server Related Professions
The CD-ROM based course will allow learners to design, create and manage database objects, use the SELECT statement, insert/update/delete data, and program in Transact-SQL. There is strong emphasis on practical applications and real life examples. Familiarize with SQL Server sample databases: pubs, Northwind, AdventureWorks, AdventureWorks2008 and AdventureWorksDW2008. Discover the most important principles of relational database design: logical and physical data modeling, primary keys and foreign keys and 3NF design guidelines. Explore inner join, left join, right join, self join and cross join. Learn about the all important GROUP BY clause and aggregate functions like sum, avg and count. Investigate ways to create sophisticated crosstab (matrix) reports with single or multi-dimension. Learn how to modify data in the database with insert, update and delete statements. Work with the new MERGE statement which does a combination of insert, update and delete in a single statement. Understand data integrity checks: entity, domain and referential integrity enforcement. Learn about business rules enforcement in the enterprise. Explore stored procedure, user-defined function, view and trigger design. Create structure SQL queries with Common Table Expressions (CTEs). Work with T-SQL transactions, locks, isolation levels and deadlocks. Master debugging T-SQL scripts, stored procedures, triggers and functions (UDFs). Explore query optimization using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor and the visual query execution plan tool. (See full list below)

About the Industry Expert Trainer
Kalman Toth, MCDBA/MCITP, is a designer of over 60 databases worldwide with 17 years of database/BI administration and development experience on SQL server 4.2, 6.5, 7.0, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and Sybase. His clients include: Citibank, Bank of Sweden, Deloitte-Touche, Swiss Bank, Lehman Brothers, Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Reuters, IBM and major ecommerce website companies. He holds an M.Phil. degrees in Physics and Computing Science from Columbia University, where he taught Computer Science courses.

Bonus Book: Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers: From Novice to Professional
By author and developer Robin Dewson, 496 pages. Learn to use Transact–SQL, a full–blown procedural language that is built right into the database system. Transact–SQL is the key to unlocking everything that SQL Server 2008 has to offer. Using Transact–SQL, you can write centrally encapsulated business logic through the use of stored procedures, automatically trigger processing through the use of triggers, and manipulate data within the server without having to move data back and forth across the network.

What you’ll learn: Install and manage SQL Server on your system. Create and secure tables. Store and query data; use indexes to improve query performance. Run procedural code inside your database in the form of Transact–SQL procedures and triggers. Serve up business reports to in–house users and outside business partners via SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

7 CD-ROMs Equivalent to 3 Years of Job Experience
SMI's CD-based SQL Server 2008 training is like training one-on-one with an international SQL/BI industry expert -- full motion screen video allows you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the critical tasks. This is complete training solution for passing related certification exams, excelling on an interview and performing well in the workplace. It is convenient, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits your schedule. CD-ROM is easy to use, with streamlined interface featuring one-click navigation. 100% guaranteed.

Multimedia Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming training on 7 full-motion screen image video and rich audio CD-ROMs $395.


Practical SQL Server 2008
Programming on 7 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM 1 - SAMPLE DATABASES (2 hours 47 minutes)
1. Installing SQL Server Sample Databases
2. Conceptual Diagram of AW2008 Entity Model
3. Visio Diagram of AdventureWorks2008 Database
4. Primary Key and Foreign Key; RDBMS Basics
5. 1NF, 2NF & 3NF Normal Forms in AdventureWorks2008
6. AdventureWorks2008; Bike Manufacturer OLTP DB
7. AW2008 Business Scenarios & AW Data Dictionary
8. Reviewing AdventureWorks2008 New Features
9. AdventureWorksDW2008 Data Warehouse Database
10. HierarchyID Based Trees in AdventureWorks2008
11. Creating, Saving & Emailing Database Diagrams
12. pubs Book Publishing Sample Database Overview
13. Northwind Food & Drink Supplier Sample DB
14. Advanced Review of pubs Database Diagram
15. Advanced Review of Northwind Database Diagram
16. Accounting DB Review: GL, AP, AR & Inventory

CD-ROM 2 - DATABASE DESIGN (2 hours 54 minutes)
1. Understanding Logical Data Modelling
2. Working with Table Column Data Types
4. CREATE TABLE by Script & Using Object Explorer
5. Primary Key and Foreign Key Constraints
6. Database Diagram Design in Object Explorer
7. Logical Database Modelling with Visio
8. Relational Database Design with Visio
9. Reverse Engineering a Database with Visio
10. ALTER TABLE and Changing Tables by MS
11. Designing Compressed Tables & Indexes
12. Partitioned Table, Partition Function and Scheme
13. Create Partition & Manage Partition Wizards
14. The Data Compression Wizard
15. Code, Translate and Lookup Table Design
16. Database Design and Programming Standards

CD-ROM 3 - SELECT STATEMENT (3 hours 1 minute)
1. Inner Join, Self Join, Outer Join and Cross Join
2. Basic SQL SELECT and SELECT INTO Statements
3. Sorting SELECT Query Results with ORDER BY
4. Exploring CTEs, Nested & Correlated Subqueries
6. Date & Time, String and Math System Functions
7. Exploring Configuration & System Statistical Functions
8. Dynamic SQL for Automatic Query Generation
9. The GROUP BY Clause & Aggregate Functions
10. Working with Hierarchy ID and Metadata Functions
12. Understanding Recursive Queries & Tree Processing
13. Creating Comma-Delimited Lists with XML Path
14. Crosstab (Matrix) Query with CTE and PIVOT
15. Building Multidimensional Crosstab Query
16. Architecting Business Intelligence Dashboards

CD-ROM 4 - MODIFY DATA (3 hours 2 minutes)
1. INSERT INTO Statement with VALUES Clause
2. Understanding INSERT and SELECT Subquery
3. INSERT and EXECUTE Statement
4. Data Removal with the DELETE Statement
5. Data Modification with the UPDATE Statement
6. Working with the MERGE Statement
7. Synchronizing Two Tables with MERGE
8. Modifying Data with Cursors, Subqueries & JOINs
9. Logged and Minimally-Logged Operations
10. Creating Audit Trail with the OUTPUT Clause
11. Combining INSERT with CTE and OUTPUT
13. Deleting Duplicate Rows with CTE
14. Updating Binary Mask and CSV List Columns
15. Using UPDATE with the FROM Clause
16. UPDATE with GROUP BY Aggregate Subquery

1. Data Integrity Constraints in AdventureWorks2008
2. Surrogate Key Architecture, Natural Key & GUID
3. PK, FK, UNIQUE & CHECK Constraints; Defaults
4. Data Integrity Enforcement with Triggers
5. Working with Data Integrity Templates
6. Stored Procedure vs. Ad-hoc SQL Script
7. Entity, Domain and Referential Database Integrity
8. Entity Integrity Definition Using Management Studio
9. Listing and Scripting Data Integrity Objects
10. Understanding Domain Integrity Enforcement
11. Implementing Referential Integrity Constraints
12. Creating User Defined Integrity Objects
13. Exploring Table-Level CHECK Constraints
14. Enterprise-Level Business Rules Enforcement
15. Transactions for Data Integrity Maintenance
16. Comparing and Synchronizing Databases

CD-ROM 6 - PROGRAMMABILITY (3 hours 4 minutes)
1. Stored Procedure Design and Programming
2. Exploring Table-Valued, XML & OUTPUT Parameters
3. Stored Procedures in AdventureWorks2008 Database
4. DML - Data Manipulation Language Triggers
5. Trigger Examples with DELETED & INSERTED Tables
6. Discovering INSTEAD OF Triggers & AFTER Triggers
7. DDL - Data Definition Language Triggers
8. Designing & Creating Views - Modifying Data
9. Table-Valued, Scalar-Valued & Inline Functions
10. Understanding Plan Guides for High Performance
11. Temporary Tables, Table Variables & tempdb
12. EXECUTE AS for Execution Context Definition
13. Multiple, Nested, Cascading & Recursive CTE-s
14. Grouping Sets for Multiple Groupings Definition
15. Spatial Data Types: Geography & Geometry
16. Applying Manual Debugging Techniques

CD-ROM 7 - TRANSACT-SQL (3 hours 1 minutes)
1. TRANSACT-SQL, Batch, and Scripts
3. Using TRY…CATCH Blocks for Exception Handling
4. Locks, Isolation Levels and Deadlocks
5. Snapshot Isolation for OLTP Concurrency
7. User Defined and System Stored Procedures
8. Working with Linked Servers & 4-part Reference
9. Exploring CROSS APPLY & OUTER APPLY Operators
10. DBA Script Generator Using Query Editor
11. Discovering Undocumented T-SQL Features
12. Dynamic PIVOT and Matrix (Crosstab) Scripts
13. INTERSECT and EXCEPT Set Operators
14. FILESTREAM Data and SPARSE Columns
15. Optimizing with Database Engine Tuning Advisor
16. Debugging with the Transact-SQL Debugger

CD 1 T-SQL Scripts
CD 2 T-SQL Scripts
CD 3 T-SQL Scripts
CD 4 T-SQL Scripts
CD 5 T-SQL Scripts
CD 6 T-SQL Scripts
CD 7 T-SQL Scripts


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