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"I learned SQL Server 2008 Integration Services very fast by purchasing your Practical SSIS videos. Great training videos that are affordable and they cover real-world SSIS topics quite well including looping containers, data flow and user variables. It is nice to have an industry-expert trainer who is self-confident, clear and easy to understand. Thanks again and keep up the splendid work!"
Roger Williams

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Learn SSIS from a top industry expert. Practical SQL Server 2008 SSIS is now available on full-motion screencast CD-ROMs with narration. Learn the fun way! Multimedia training is far more effective than classroom training. It simulates the real-world environment providing excellent retention. You can replay the video and audio instructional units as many times as you needed.

Learn SSIS with this easy-to-follow CD-ROM collection from Silico-Magnetic Intelligence. Whether you are learning SSIS for the first time or adding to your professional skills set, you will find that SMIís SSIS Training via CD-ROMô contains thorough, outstanding, well-prepared content that is second to none.

7 CD-ROMs with Over 18 Hours of Instruction
The instructor is Kalman Toth,   MCDBA, MCITP, Senior SQL Server Database, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Architect. By mastering one CD-ROM a day, you can become an SSIS developer in just 7 days. You can also proceed at your own pace. The thorough CD-ROM course is focused on practical solutions to real-world SSIS package design, development, testing, debugging, deployment, and maintenance problems. Full-motion screen video and rich audio make the subject matter understandable, and reusable as reference material.

Complete SQL Server 2008 Integration Services video course for DBAs, database developers, business intelligence developers and software engineers who design, develop, implement and manage DW, ETL and BI applications. C#, VB, Java, C++ and .NET developers who need to know more about applying data transfer and transformation in business environment.

SSIS students must have a solid working knowledge of the Windows environment. SQL Server 2008 administration and programming experience in SQL, and the knowledge of at least one computer language are helpful. This is best SSIS multimedia training currently available in North America, or anywhere in the World.

Learn to maximize the numerous features of SSIS from this essential video guide. Multimedia course makes learning SSIS easy through the use of extensive practical, real-world exercises structured around every component within Business Intelligence Development Studio. You will learn to collect enterprise data warehouse data from various sources such as SQL Server OLTP databases, Access databases, Excel worksheets, Oracle and DB2 databases, and transform that data for OLAP analysis, mining, and reporting. Build robust, high-performance Business Intelligence solutions with SSIS visual package designer. Extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from disparate sources and move it to single or multiple destinations using SSIS data flow transformations. Video lessons show you, step-by-step, how to build, manage and deploy sophisticated SSIS packages, draw out meaningful information from raw data, and deliver data to web, business applications and enterprise reports. Learn migrating DTS packages to SSIS, enhancing performance, and implementing encryption policies to secure SSIS packages. Build packages with the easy-to-use SSIS Import and Export Wizard and the Visual Studio based BIDS. Create expressions using variables, functions, and operators. Lay out package workflow with Control Flow Containers and tasks. Monitor and audit runtime events using log providers. Respond to external triggers with event handlers. Process input using Data Flow tasks. Standardize, de-duplicate, and cleanse data with Fuzzy Lookup and Fuzzy Grouping transformations. Load data warehouse using Slowly Changing Dimension transformation. Deploy, optimize, troubleshoot, and debug SSIS packages. Learn about XML configuration file, deployment security and the manifest file. Discover all SSIS command prompt utilities. (See full list below).

About the Trainer
Kalman Toth, MCDBA, is an IT professional with over 16 years of database administration and development experience with SQL server 4.2, 6.5, 7.0, 2000 and 2008. Kalman Toth was a developer on IBM's marketing Data Warehouse project operated by Dun & Bradstreet. He has designed OLAP data warehouse/BI/SSIS solutions for major online dating, diet and fitness websites. His clients include: Citibank, Bank of Sweden, Deloitte-Touche, Swiss Bank, Lehman Brothers, Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and IBM. He holds M.Phil degree in Physics and M.Phil. degree in Computing Science from Columbia University, where he had taught computer science.

CD-ROM Features
SMI's CD-based training is like training one-on-one with an expert -- full motion video allows you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the critical tasks. You can pause the video at any time and practice along. This is the complete training solution for passing a certification exam, excelling on an interview and performing well in the workplace. It is convenient, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it suits your schedule. CD-ROM is easy to use, with streamlined interface featuring one-click navigation. 100% guaranteed.

Bonus Book: Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services
Authorative textbook of 1008 pages by authors Brian Knight, Erik Veerman, Grant Dickinson, Douglas Hinson, Darren Herbold. The new edition of the successful previous version is 25 percent revised and packed with more than 200 pages of new material on the 2008 release of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Renowned author Brian Knight and his expert coauthors show developers how to master the 2008 release of SSIS, which is both more powerful and more complex than ever. Case studies and tutorial examples acquired over the three years since the previous edition will contribute to helping illustrate advanced concepts and techniques. New chapters include coverage of data warehousing using SSIS, new methods for managing the SSIS platform, and improved techniques for ETL operations.

Multimedia SQL Server 2008 SSIS on 7 full-motion screen image video and rich audio CD-ROMs $645.


Practical SQL Server 2008 SSIS on 7 CD-ROMs

CD-ROM 1 - INTEGRATION SERVICES (2 hours 46 minutes)
1. Welcome to SSIS - Visualized Data Migration
2. New Features in 2008 Integration Services
3. Visit Business Intelligence Development Studio
4. Design & Management Tools - Expression Designer
5. Configuring, Deploying & Managing SSIS Packages
6. Installing and Setting up Integration Services
7. Exploring the SSIS Import and Export Wizard
8. Learning to Export Data OUT from the Database
9. Learning to Import Data IN to the Database
10. SSIS Package Architecture for ETL Solutions
11. Designing Your First SSIS 2008 Package
12. Executing a Package in Management Studio
13. Package Migration Wizard for DTS & SSIS 2005
14. SSIS Sample Packages & Metadata Management
15. Loading & Refreshing Data Warehouse Using SSIS
16. Discover Programmatic Control of SSIS Packages

CD-ROM 2 - BIDS (2 hours 49 minutes)
1. Entering SSIS Designer, Zoom & Four-Way Locator
2. Discovering Standard Project Templates & Tasks
3. SSIS Menu, Debugging & Diagnostics Windows
4. Learning Solution Explorer & Properties Window
5. SSIS Design Surfaces - Control Flow & Data Flow
6. Investigating Toolbox & Options Dialog Box
7. Introduction to Connection Manager
8. Studying Variables Window & Package Explorer
9. Training in Find and Replace in Files
10. Exploring Control Flow Basics
11. Execute DTS 2000 Task for DTS Packages
12. Execute Process Task for Win32 Programs
13. Execute SQL Task for Query & Sproc Execution
14. Bulk Insert Task for File to Database Copy
15. File System Task for Copying & File Operations
16. Send Mail Task for E-mail Message Sending

CD-ROM 3 - CONTAINERS (2 hours 47 minutes)
1. Introduction to Grouping and Looping
2. For Loop Container - Exec Control Flow in Loop
3. For Each Container - Exec Enumeration Iteration
4. Sequence Container - Group Control Flow Tasks
5. Precedence Constraints - Sequencing Workflow
6. Learning The WMI & Web Service Tasks
7. The FTP Task - Send & Receive Files
8. Script & ActiveX Script Tasks - Execute Scripts
9. The XML Task - Operate on XML Data
10. Execute Package Task - Execute SSIS Package
11. Exploring Transfer SQL Server Objects Task
12. Reviewing the Database Maintenance Plan Tasks
13. Execute SSA Job & Maintenance Plan Tasks
14. Discovering The Execute T-SQL Statement Task
15. The Backup Database & Notify Operator Tasks
16. The Rebuild Index & Update Statistics Tasks

CD-ROM 4 - DATA FLOW (2 hours 54 minutes)
1. Overview of SSIS Designer for Data Flow
2. Discovering Data Flow Sources
3. Exploring Data Flow Transformations
4. Investigating Data Flow Destinations
5. Grid, Histogram, Plot & Chart Data Viewers
6. The Copy Column Transformation
7. The Derived Column Transformation
8. Export Column & Import Column Transformations
9. Configuring the Cache Transform Transformation
10. The Data Conversion Transformation
11. The Conditional Split Transformation
12. The OLE DB Command Transformation
13. The Aggregate Transformation for Group By
14. The Sort & Character Map Transformations
15. The PIVOT & UNPIVOT Transformations
16. The Row Count & Row Sampling Transformations

CD-ROM 5 - VARIABLES (2 hours 56 minutes)
1. Getting Started with User-Defined Variables
2. Investigating Variable Type & Scope
3. Reviewing & Using SSIS System Variables
4. Mapping Stored Procedure Parms in OLE DB Source
5. Setting up Nested Iteration in Control Flow
6. Nested Variables in SQL & Script Tasks
7. Mapping Parameters & Result Sets to Variables
8. System & User Variables in Property Expressions
9. Configuration Overview & Options
10. The Package Configuration Wizard
11. Debugging, Error Handling and Logging
12. Debug Breakpoints & BIDS Debugging Windows
13. Control Flow: The OnError Event Handler
14. Data Flow: Error Data Flow
15. Configuring Package Logging
16. Built-in Log Providers & Log Events

CD-ROM 6 - ADVANCED SSIS (2 hours 40 minutes)
1. Exploring Lookup Transformation with Caching
2. Learning Term Lookup & Term Extraction
3. Discovering Fuzzy Lookup & Fuzzy Grouping
4. The Multicast & Union All Transformations
5. The Merge and Merge Join Transformations
6. The Percentage Sampling & Audit Transformations
7. Investigating the Data Mining Query Task
8. The Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation
9. Extending SSIS through Custom Code
10. The SSIS Object Model & Script Editor
11. Navigating Server Explorer & Object Browser
12. Analysis Services Processing Task - OLAP Cube
13. Advanced Data Flow Sources & Destinations
14. Advanced Control Flow Features
15. Data Profiling Task & Data Profile Viewer
16. SSIS Performance Tuning Techniques

CD-ROM 7 - DEPLOYMENT (3 hours 3 minutes)
1. SSIS 2008 Package Configuration & Deployment
2. Investigating the XML Configuration File
3. Introduction to Configuring Connection Managers
4. The MULTIFLATFILE Connection Manager
5. The Deployment Utility & Deployment Options
6. Deployment Security & The Manifest File
7. Learning the Package Installation Wizard
8. Execute Package Utilities: DTExec & DTExecUI
9. Package Management & Import from Other Servers
10. Complex SSIS Import & Export Wizard in BIDS
11. Exploring SSIS Service & SSIS Administration
12. Managing Packages & Automation with DTUtil
13. SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
14. Managing Packages with Management Studio
15. Scheduling Packages with SQL Server Agent
16. TOP 10 SSIS 2008 Success Secrets

Bonus CD
CD 1 SSIS Packages
CD 2 SSIS Packages
CD 3 SSIS Packages
CD 4 SSIS Packages
CD 5 SSIS Packages
CD 6 SSIS Packages
CD 7 SSIS Packages

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